Fixed Price Specials

Supply and Install  (prices exclude GST)

Hot Water Repairs

Hot water Cylinders Rheem

Replace Hot Water Cylinders

From $1600

Supply and install

  • Standard 180L replacement professionally installed.

Replacing Faulty Valves

From $200

Supply and install

  • Replace your faulty valves and reduce your hot water bill.

Overflowing Vent Pipes

From $120

Supply and install

  • Leave it to us to trouble-shoot the cause and put it right.

Our fully stocked vans enable us to carry out most repair jobs right there and then.

Call us for a free quote, and we’ll discuss the best option for you.

Talk to us today about your next project at home, from a new whole home water filtration unit to adding another garden hose tap so that you don’t need to keep dragging the hose back and forth.

All of our quotes are obligation free, so email us today:

Toilets and Cisterns

toilet installation Hawke's Bay

Toilet Pans

From $300

Supply and install

  • Includes new pan, connectors and flush-pipe rubbers.

Toilet Cisterns

From $300

Supply and install

  • Everything you need: new cistern, toilet seat, flush-pipe, rubbers and water connections.

Complete Toilet Suite

From $550

Supply and install

  • Includes everything you need for a new toilet.

Replacement Taps

We only use GREENS, FELTON or METHVEN mixers.

Made in NZ to NZ Standards, for NZ conditions.

mixer tap installation Hawke's Bay

Replace Basin, Sink or Laundry Mixer

From $240

Supply and install

  • We’ll replace all the parts and install the mixer for you.

Replace Shower Mixer

From $380

Supply and install

  • We suggest you don’t do it yourself. Let us replace your shower mixer for you.

Replace Shower Hose

From $140

Supply and install

  • Leaking shower hose? Let us put a new one in for you.

Replace Slide Kit Rail (Complete)

From $220

Supply and install

  • Rejuvenate your shower with a new slide rail kit.

Replace Shower Head/Rose

From $160

Supply and install

  • A new shower rose could change your life. Let us replace your old one.
  • Because you’r worth it!

Replacement of taps (each)

From $180 each

Supply and install

  • Basin Taps
  • Sink Taps
  • Laundry Taps
  • Bath Taps

Replacement Hose Tap (Garden)

From $70

Supply and install

  • Replace your leaking or damaged garden tap.

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